from our family to yours

Our story stems from the 19th century, when my Great-Great-Great-(...) Grandpa Tsay began cultivating tea leaves in Nantou, Taiwan. In this region, tea is synonymous with daily life as one begins the day out in the fields and finishes the day with a cup of tea. Many generations later, my parents immigrated to Chicago & started a new life for my siblings and me. When family couldn't visit due to the distance, tea was sent instead.

pictured: Our first visit to the tea fields in 1997! That's me (Vicki Tsay) rocking the blue Disneyworld cap, Pompompurin tee, and daisy print OshKosh B'goshes. Grandpa Tsay is on the far right.

a community affair

We believe handpicked, single-origin, sun-soaked, & full tea leaves simply offer the best taste and quality. For centuries, neighborhood aunties gossiped while expertly picking the best leaves (today, my own 80+ year old aunt boasts she's still the best!) Then, traditionally the husbands process the leaves in-house (today, our leaves are treated by our neighbor who employs locals of all ages and genders. Typically with Taiwanese pop music playing in the background.)

pictured: Aunties harvest the tea leaves into baskets like these and are paid by weight.

by real people, for real people

We believe this is the secret ingredient to the best tea - when it's made with love by honest people & enjoyed with love by friends & family. It doesn't matter if you prepare it gong-fu style with priceless teawares or in your favorite Hello Kitty mug at the office. It doesn't matter if you drink it straight as intended or with added sugar and milk (Taiwan invented boba tea, after all.) We simply care that each sip brings you warmth, connection, and a full heart.

pictured: my oldest auntie uses mismatched pots and cups to serve tea and throws discard water out her front door.