Behind Our Name, Tsay Tea

Q: Why the name, Tsay Tea? 

A: The short answer is that Tsay is my family name and this company was built with family at its core. From the generations before me growing tea as their livelihood, to my aunts/uncles/cousins making connections in Taiwan, to my immediate family supporting me here in the US - family has been the heart of this journey. 

The longer answer is "Tsay" also captures the essence of this company. Although the last name 蔡 is actually quite common in Taiwan, it is typically spelled "Tsai" in English (see Tsai Ing-Wen or Jolin Tsai.) The story behind this is a simple one - when my parents came to the US, they were unsure of the spelling and did as immigrants do - they winged it. And since then, my generation and the generations afterwards will carry on that innocent misspelling. 

Growing up, I dreaded the inevitable mispronounciations and questions. But now, I have learned to love it and embrace it! I personally find it so representative of the immigrant experience - trying to fit in but not quite getting it "right." In that moment, my family evolved from "Taiwanese" to "Taiwanese-American." 

I hope this sense of family, unconditional love, and support extends to all of you here. We're not perfect. Similarly, this tea isn't most coveted, white-glove, high-shelf tea. But we still support one another and want the best for each other. And this tea is filled with love and is meant to be shared with all kinds of tea drinkers. Welcome to the Tsay Tea fam, everyone!! 

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